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Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money

Do you want to start a small business or side hustle? You could be looking for multiple reasons, such as making supplemental income or wanting to become your own full-time boss. There are business opportunities everywhere if you look hard enough. Finding the right type of business for you can be daunting, but we have put together a list of small business ideas to consider.

1. Dog Walking

Pet owners are everywhere, and they will continue to be a great source of clientele. This is why creating a business as simple as dog walking is a great place to start for new entrepreneurs. 

The most difficult part of this business opportunity is finding customers. Pets are “part of the family” and very near and dear to the customer's heart; they will not allow just anyone to care for their animal. A smart marketing strategy is necessary to capture a pet owner’s heart. 

A task as simple as flyering at your local dog park can help secure a customer base. The flyers should be fun yet professional to let potential customers know their pet is in good hands. Word of mouth is also extremely cost-efficient. Start with family and friends who trust you already and can spread the word about your business.

Once your business begins to grow, you have the ability to build it out as big as you want. Creating a website or an app can develop your business and expand your customer base. From there, creating contact information like an email or phone number specific to the business can help differentiate who is reaching out for what.  

This is a great business that you can start at any age. Make sure to put a personal touch on the experience for both the pet owner and the pet. We all know the love an owner has for their pets, so if you wow them with great service they will keep coming back.

2. Craft

Have you ever wondered why there are so many online avenues for you to start and run your craft business? Online storefronts offer an easy way for artists to share and sell their work without a physical store. Etsy and Amazon Homemade are two of the most popular online platforms to use, but there are several others. Below is a list of some others to explore when you are ready to get up and running.

  • Cratejoy
  • Folksy
  • Hyena Cart
  • iCraft
  • Zibbet

Another perk of beginning a craft business is you do not necessarily need to set up an online account with one of the platforms. There are other avenues such as local craft shows, big or small, where you can rent a booth to display your crafts. A marketing idea to take with you to these shows would be to make simple business cards to pass out that can drum up future business.

In addition to craft shows, research local retail or vendor stores where you can set up a vendor booth to house your goods. There should be stores that allow for space to be rented out for you to set up, and the store does the work of selling your items and collecting your money. Once the space is set, then you can focus on creating the inventory.

3. Lawn Care

Many states have beautiful weather year-round that requires upkeep for their landscaping. In other seasonal states, like up north and in the midwest, leaf raking or leaf removal could certainly be a necessity for lawn care. This is a great opportunity for small business owners to begin a lawn care company that could succeed in any of the 50 states. Much like the previous dog walking business, this is another field where you will find repeat customers, and your business will be able to grow quickly by word of mouth.

You can start your landscaping business by using your own push mower and visiting local neighborhoods or passing out business flyers. Most mowers can fit in the trunk of a car, so start-up costs can be as low as gas to drive to different job sites. 

Over time additional services can help boost your business and income. This could be as simple as weeding, edging, or mulching. The best way to determine these additional services is to get feedback from your customers for any additional landscaping services they might want.

There are courses for landscaping that may boost your credentials and help you take your landscaping company to the next level. The following organizations offer courses:

4. Painting

The housing market these days is booming. People are buying land and building brand new houses, and many people are trying their hand at house flipping, meaning remodeling a house and then reselling. This opens the door to a great market for starting your painting service business. You can start your painting business as simple as putting your name and company out there on yard signs near new real estate or upcoming neighborhoods.

You will want to determine what type of painting jobs and services you are looking to offer. You may consider interior work only or expand to include exterior painting as well. This is something that can be started alone or with a business partner. The options are endless for creating a successful business.

While still in the beginning stages, asking the clients to pay upfront will allow you to purchase the paint and supplies needed to complete the job without having to dip into your own pocket. If you are completely new to the painting world, watching videos can be an easy way to find the best techniques and tools to use for your jobs too!

5. Home Bakery

Those who love making delicious treats for family and friends could turn that love into a full-blown baking business. People are always looking for unique treats and pastries for their special occasions and celebrations. 

You will have to dig and do some research on the regulations in your area to run a commercial kitchen from your home. These regulations should be considered when building your business model. For example, in Florida, you are able to sell from your home under the Cottage Food Operations

This is an extremely competitive market, so it is important to distinguish yourself as a chef. You have to figure out your niche and how to target the market there. Specializing in certain baked goods or specific styles and designs of these treats can make you stand out.

6. Driving 

COVID touched every area of life, especially the shopping industry when people got used to the convenience of contactless delivery. Businesses had to shift from customers entering and buying from their traditional brick-and-mortar stores to being able to deliver their products to the doorsteps of their customers. While the world was in lockdown, companies such as Instacart and Shipt were able to ensure people had food and other necessities delivered to them. Since then, the industry has experienced tremendous growth. 

Life gets busy between work, school, parenting, and extracurricular activities which leaves little to no extra time in between. People now rely on these convenience services which opens the door to great extra cash opportunities. 

The other option for this side hustle is to become a driver for Uber or Lyft. This provides a good option for carpooling and/or gives an alternative to taking a taxi. Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular over the years and this could also be a great way to make extra income. It gives you the opportunity and freedom to make your own hours and work as much as you'd like.

How Midland Forms Can Help

Midland Forms can help get your business ready for your big debut. We have an experienced team waiting to get you up and running. From forming an LLC or Corporation to obtaining a Tax ID for your small business, Midland Forms can provide you with the tools and documents needed to start and grow your side hustle to the company you dream it to be. Contact us to learn more about how to get your side hustle up and running or click here to get started. 


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